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Darke County Right to Life

Today Darke County Right to Life continues the legacy Dr. Jack Willke and his wife Barbra built. Dr. and Mrs. Willke were passionate about protecting life and coined the phrase “Love the Both” in reference to the mother and the child. We are a non-denominational, non-profit, and educational chapter dedicated to defending the sanctity of all human life – whether unborn, elderly, or disabled.

Our mission is to create a culture where every life is defended and respected. A culture where every child is welcomed into the world and protected by law; where every pregnant mother receives the help she needs to face an unplanned pregnancy; and where every terminally-ill person has access to pain relief and is protected from being killed by euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Abortion ends lives. To date, an estimated 55,800,000 souls have been taken by abortion, and those are what have been reported. The Ohio Department of Health reports that in a 10 year period more than 373 babies were aborted from Darke County alone. These are all lives that mattered and are lost to us forever.

With your support we’ve fought the plague of abortions. We have assisted Ohio Right To Life in decreasing the number of abortions state-wide. Furthermore, we’ve provided educational materials such as books, videos, pamphlets, and articles for use at churches, schools, fairs, and other public forums. And our continued volunteer pro-life activities have helped mothers chose life.

With your continued support we can and will continue educate to eliminate abortion and to protect life from the time of fertilization until natural death.

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